Halibut with Black Butter

Recipe for Halibut with Black Butter I love halibut. This recipe for halibut with black butter is a bit misleading as the butter is not really black. The butter should be just a light brown and once swirled with the lemon juice is not black at all. This butter sauce is also nice if poured […]

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Brochettes of Salmon

Brochettes of Salmon are nice if served with Pine Nut Rice or a Rice Pilaf. I find always that the tricky part of making these Brochettes of Salmon or any other kind of fish brochette is to keep the fish from breaking. It seems to work a bit better if the fish is cold. Be sure to use bamboo or wood skewers that have been soaked in water for at least 20 – 30 minutes. This will keep the skewers from burning.

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Salmon Salad

This recipe for Salmon Buffet Salad is another great dish to be served for a Ladies lunch party. As in the recipe for Fonduloha I am not keen on all this mayonnaise.

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Roasted Fish Fillets

This Roasted Fish Fillets with Orange Caramelized Onions recipe is great with almost any fish fillets – salmon, halibut, snapper, pickerel or tilapia. It is in my recipe collection from the Canadian Living Magazine August 2001. If you use salmon it is a lovely color with the caramelized onions. I like the idea of using it with tilapia as I find I am sometimes stuck to make tilapia fillets with an interesting taste.

Herbed Seafood Casserole

This is a lovely great tasting Herbed Seafood Casserole that can be made ahead and kept in the freezer for up to two weeks. In many ways this is similar to SeafoodCasserole, the recipe that we published July 28, 2010. There is a different mix of seafood in both these recipes but either is a wonderful dish to use when entertaining. The recipe for Herbed Seafood Casserole was in the December 1992 Canadian Living Merry Christmas Cookbook Special

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