About Marla Tetsuka

Chef Marla is a Gulf Coast, Mississippi based food writer, professional chef and culinary consultant. While earning her degree from Le Cordon Bleu she brings a unique blend of classic culinary training and interests in cultural diversity to her many projects. Her career path has followed her passion for food with her recipes and articles appearing in publications around the world.


Béchamel-The King of the Mother Sauces A sauce by definition is basically a liquid and a thickening agent plus any other ingredient/s added for flavoring. In the culinary world, sauces are categorized under one of five mother sauces. These mother sauces are referred to as large sauces while their spawn are known as small sauces. […]

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Blanching 101 You may have come across a recipe or seen a TV chef refer to the process of blanching. As it turns out there are many benefits to this quick process. Blanching is a cooking method that involves lowering a vegetable or fruit into boiling hot water for a very short time. After a […]

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Brining 101

Brining 101; What It Is and How it’s Done The practice of brining meat is a rather ingenious, easy, inexpensive and effective way to prepare tender and delicious meat for the grill, smoker or oven. You can use this technique, a somewhat secret restaurant method, right at home without the need for any special equipment […]

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