Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer Review

Review of Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer

Note:Reviewed by Sheila Watson Kraklow

Professional Chefs love power, and this Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer, workhorse of a stand mixer is just that; a powerful, professional styled chef quality mixer that can handle anything a chef or baker can throw into its large 5 quart bowl.  If you are looking for a great mixer for your restaurant, bakery, or commercial kitchen, this is the one to check-out.

This is a true professional styled mixer, made for professional chefs.  It is light weight, powerful with a 550 watt motor with planetary mixing action with a sensor that adjust the speed when they detect a stiff, heavy dough that otherwise might burn up the motor if the speed is not adjusted.

The reason I really like this Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer is that it is so light weight; some of the other brands can weigh-in at 30 lbs.  Once you put them in your kitchen a wise chef doesn’t want to try to move it.  Not so with this light weight; it can be moved around easily since it weighs only 16 lbs.

Usability of the Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer

As a professional baker I am always looking at the kitchen of facilities, cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to see what equipment they use.  When in a quaint but busy artisan bakery I spied their Breville Mixer and asked the owner if I could per chance take it on a test run, or at least stand by and watch as her crew put this shining beast to the test.  The latter was agreed upon, and after I donned hairnet, apron, and safety glasses, I was allowed into the inner sanctum of the bakery.

The small assistant baker was about to make a double batch of Pretzel dough; “Perfect” I said more or less to myself.  I have made pretzels and know the dough is stiff and heavy.

With a swiftness of one who has prepared the recipe many times she deftly measured, sifted, combined and finally powered up the mixer.  I was really amazed at how quietly the Breville 5 qt. Die cast Stand Mixer blended the wet ingredients, whirring like a well fed kitten.  As the able-fingered assistant baker added in the eggs, oil, and salt she also dumped about 6 cups of bread flour into the bowl.  “Is it going to be able to handle that much flour?”  I really doubted if the mixer could do it,  But I was wrong the mixer slowly revved up its pleasingly quiet motor as the dough came into being and became thick and more substantial and before I knew it there in front of us was a mass of perfectly mixed and kneaded pretzel dough.  The bowl was easily removed from the stand and was slapped, like a naughty baby but with fragrant oil and layered with cling wrap for a resting period.  That is where I ducked out of the kitchen, leaving pretty assistant and the powdered, oiled and pampered dough to rest in peace.

I was very pleased at the smooth ease at which theBreville 5 Quart Mixer handled the imperfect way the flour was added and kept on mixing with never a lag in the humming motor.  “Excellent!”

Breville (Side View)


Features of Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer:

  • Powerful 550 Watt motor
  • 12 Speed Control settings
  • 10 Minute Timer with auto off, allows user to set kneading time
  • Super Quiet running motor even when mixing heavy bread, or cookie dough
  • All 4 attachments are well designed with Professionals in mind; rubber lined scraper paddle beater, heavy duty dough hook, regular paddle beater, wire whipping beater, clear plastic 2 piece spatter guard/pour shield
  • Tilt Back head for easy attachment change or insertion and release
  • 5 quart Stainless Steel mixing bowl, locks into place, dishwasher safe
  • Light weight construction

Pros of Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer:

  • Versatile for use by professional in any food industry use from baking, to mixing meatloaf
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to use attachments easily click into position and are  just as easily released to clean, tilt back motor head for ease of positioning bowl
  • Large capacity bowl holds up to 10 cups of flour and blends it into stiff dough easily with its sensor speed
  • Light weight, easy to set into place, stays put while in use 16.0 lbs.
  • Sturdy steel construction is easy to clean
  • Free shipping if bought from

Cons of Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer:

  • High priced-best deal at Amazon pricing from $289.99 to 467.68 which comes with the mini-toolbox.
  • Shipping weight is 22 lbs.
  • Bowl fits snug into locked position can be hard to remove
  • Adding ingredients can be difficult with any attachment in place

Frontal View










What Other people think of the Breville 5 Qt. Die-Cast Stand Mixer:

I am not the only person who is impressed with the Breville 5 Quart Die Cast Stand Mixer. On Amazon it has a 4.5 of 5 star rating with 61 people reviewing it.

“I made two things to test it out: mashed potatoes and cheesecake, don’t judge me that covers most of the food groups. The flat beater handled the potatoes fine. And the added bonus was that the Breville didn’t shift across the table on a higher setting, there was a slight vibration. The second test was with the cheesecake. A nice smooth cheesecake is what I like, a thick texture that is also velvety. I do use the wire whip even after I’ve added the cream cheese just to get a little bit more air. And, again, the Breville had no issues and since I do like a thicker cheesecake, it was nice to see the wire whip hold up.

“Here are a few added pluses of this beauty:
The release button! Gives you more access to the bowl by releasing and raising the mixer head for adding more ingredients.
The chrome finish is lovely and goes with the decor of any kitchen due to its simplicity.
It comes with an instruction manual that has a few solid recipes.
The weight of it was a pleasant surprise, by no means is it light, 20 pounds, give or take. But it is evenly distributed and stays put when going on its highest setting.”

“Some of my favorite things about this mixer:
-The scraper-beater attachment made making the frosting much easier, as the recipe I use has a tendency to climb the bowl. Usually I have to stop every few minutes to scrape down, but the scraper-beater attachment took care of that for me, saving me a lot of time and frustration.
-The “planetary action” motion of the mixing head does a hell of a lot of work in a very short time. Basically, the mixer attachment spins in one direction while the head itself moves in the opposite direction, like a planet orbiting a star. Not only is this very cool to watch, it’s a fantastic design feature that cuts down on mixing time significantly.
-The whole thing is very sturdy, with the mixing bowl fitting very securely and the base itself providing ample weight to anchor down the machine even on the high settings. There is little wobble or “jumping” when mixing, so I’m not worried about the bowl vibrating out of place or the whole thing tipping over.
-The machine is clearly labeled with what attachments work best for what speeds (cream, beat, whip, etc.) with little pictures of the different attachments – you don’t have to whip out the manual every time you want to know if the attachment you’re using can handle the job. These speeds are also written right above the control dial. The LEDs that mark your speed are nice and bright, and everything on it is easy to read.”

“Overall a great upgrade to my older machine. I now have the baking bug and am already planning new recipes to try just so I can use my new machine!!

Where to purchase the Breville 5 Qt. Die-Cast Stand Mixer

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