Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer Review

Review of the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Eclectric All-Metal Stand Mixer
Note:Reviewed by Sheila Watson Kraklow
I am a professional foodie – with a foodie-career that spans about four decades and two centuries – I have had occasion to use many mixers, from home-grade to professional. I offer a few reviews of electric mixers here for your convenience and consideration.
If you are in the market for a stand mixer I would like to recommend the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal mixer.  I would have to say that this is the “Cadillac of electric, counter-top, stand mixers”.

Features of the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Eclectric All-Metal Stand Mixer

  • Powerful “soft-start” electronic 400 watt motor
  • Unique 2-way orbiting, professional styled, quick-release mixing head
  • Size: 13 ¾ “x 8″ x 14 ¼”
  • 12 Speeds
  • 2 piece plastic splash-guard with big pour-spout for adding ingredients to the bowl
  • High performance with quiet running
  • 5-quart, lock-in-place, stainless steel bowl
  • Limited 3-year product warranty
  • 3 lock-in attachments; wire whip; a paddle and dough hook, the latter two with non-stick coating
  • Recipe booklet & User’s Manual are included

Options of the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 63232 Eclectrics Carmine Red All-Metal Stand Mixer
This Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal mixer is available in four common colors: black, white, red, and sterling (smudge-proof brushed chrome), so it does fit well within any color scheme.

Use-ability of the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

  • This mixer weighs in at 20 lbs. (shipping weight 22 lbs.), so when it is unpacked, be sure you place it where you want it; moving it could be difficult.
  • Mixer has a “high lift” feature that allows the mixing arm to be lifted high enough to add ingredients with ease, or to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl. Once raised, the arm is locked in position, a great safety feature. This high lift feature also makes it easy to remove bowl when mixing is complete.
  • The stainless steel bowl is deep enough to hold a lot, but narrows to make mixing at the bottom of the bowl a breeze.
  • The bowl locks in place for hands-free mixing.
  • Comes with three attachments, wire whisk, flat paddle and dough hook…specially coated for non-stick, and a splash-guard with pour-spout
  • Bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe. Splash-guard is top shelf only, and will become brittle with continued dishwasher cleaning

Functionality of the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

  • Light touch brings 12 speeds to your finger-tips, from very low for gently mixing, to high speed for stiff dough and icings
  • Powerful motor accommodates any dough from tender pie crusts to stiff cookie and bread dough’s, and offers a super quiet running motor.


  • Amazon.com – I found varying prices on this site from $129.00 for 63227 up to $299.00 for the Eclectrics model.


  • Easy clean-up with a soft, wet cloth on the surface of the mixer and unit.
  • Also, attachments clean easily because of the non-stick coating, even with sticky dough’s and batters.
  • 2-piece Splash-guard has large opening to allow adding ingredients while mixer is running – with no mess.
  • Gradual high-speed running: speed increases slowly, thus keeping all ingredients in the bowl when turned to high speed.


  • Heavy piece of equipment; hard to move to a different location.
  • Splash-guard is sometimes hard to get back into position.

This is truly multi-functional and can be equipped with attachments to make it a food processor, blender, juicer, pasta maker and food grinder. This machine is so versatile!

My Experience With the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

Today we are discussing the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal mixer and its functionality and general options.

In my foodie career I have had a chance to use many different, all-be-it similar professional styled stand mixers and my favorite is Kitchen-Aide, however when I had a chance to try out one of these super sleek, up-to-date Hamilton Beach beauties I was tempted, no almost persuaded to switch teams.

I made a triple batch of stiff-necked but delicate shortbread cookie dough.

I added the cold butter and using the paddle attachment I beat it into a smooth paste, no problem!

Adding in the other ingredients I found that I needed more speed and quickly the mixer obeyed my gentle touch on the electronic pad, and the dough came into being.  I must admit the motor purred like a gentle kitten even at top speed and while mixing this stiff dough.  “NICE” I thought.

I might add that adding in the eggs to the recipe (yes I use eggs in my shortbread) was so easy using the large, out-cropped spout, in the spatter guard; they slipped into the dough with ease. To me, this speaks highly of the quality of manufacturing in this mixer.

Once the cookie dough came together I rolled it in cling-warp and stowed it in the refrigerator for later, chilling cookie dough aids in ease of portioning just before baking.

I found that the tilting head of this mixer made removing the bowl full of dough easy, and once it was empty the clean-up was effortless.  A simple wash with hot soapy water, wipe with a clean towel we were back in business.

The next test would be making icing for the cookies.  I made a thick, rich, Buttercream—because it is usually a chore for most mixers once the icing is made.  Not so with this mixer, on the highest speed it breezed through the beating process resulting in a wonderfully smooth textured buttercream frosting.  “Impressive” I thought.

With the mixing all done, cookies in the oven and frosting at the ready, it was time to clean up.  The sturdy body of the all-metal mixer was super simple to clean – I merely used a damp dishcloth, wiping the outside of the machine and the base… done!

If you are looking for an excellent, moderately priced, all-metal, stand mixer; let me introduce you to this one made by Hamilton Beach, you will love it as much as I did after my testing.

What Others Are Saying About the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

For people who are looking for a sturdy, reasonably priced, powerful mixer, the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal mixer is a great choice. Currently on Amazon it has a 4.5 out 5 star rating. People like you and me who bought this mixer said:

“The Hamilton Beach mixer was quieter than our Artisan mixer – you can barely hear it at all when it’s on lower speeds. I made a batch of cookies and it mixed up fine.”

I am more than pleased with the mixer. From meatloaf to cookies, it’s changed my life in the kitchen. I never realized how useful a powerful standing mixer is…”

“It seems the top-brand in stand mixers are ridiculously priced for someone without a lot of disposable income. But since I needed something truly heavy duty, I knew I couldn’t spend just $40 and be happy either. Luckily though the Hamilton Beach stand mixer was still a bit of an investment for me, it was ultimately much more affordable than the top-brand, and worth every penny I did pay.”

“I previously owned a Kitchen Aide mixer which after a couple of years began leaking. I purchased this mixer and found that it is easier to use than the Kitchen Aide–especially putting in the beaters.”

Where to Purchase the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach All Metal Stand Mixer is widely available from many kitchen supply stores, outlets, and discount stores. However for an unbeatable price, delivered right to your door with Free Shipping, Amazon is the place to purchase the Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal Stand Mixer.

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