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Coffee [1]
Every year our group holds a potluck dinner for its 60 some odd members. We are never quite sure what equipment will be in the facility that we use. Here are some ideas that give flexibility to making tea and coffee for the crowd.


Always start with a coffee maker that is thoroughly clean.
Never brew coffee at less than ¾ of the coffee maker’s capacity. If a smaller quantity is all that’s needed, select a smaller coffee maker.
Freshness is vital to a good cup of coffee. Use fresh coffee and freshly drawn cold water.
Serve hot steaming coffee as soon as possible after brewing. If necessary to let coffee stand any length of time, hold at serving temperature over low heat on an asbestos pad. Keep coffee hot but do not boil it.


Average 5 ½ -oz. Servings Measure of CoffeeAmount of Water
20 (for 12 persons)½ lb.1 gallon
40 (for 25 persons)1 lb. 2 gallons


To brew coffee in a sauce pot:

Measure “regular” grind coffee into a clean cloth
sack; fill only half full to allow for expansion of coffee and free circulation of water. (Before using sack, soak and rinse thoroughly.) Tie sack, allowing enough cord for fastening to pot handle.
In a clean large saucepot, heat measured amount of fresh cold water to a full rolling boil. Reduce heat to hold just below boiling. Fasten sack to pot handle; submerge into water. Keep saucepot over low heat. Brew 6 to 8 minutes, pushing sack up and down frequently to get proper extraction. When coffee is ready, remove sack, permitting all extract to drain into saucepot.

To brew coffee in an automatic coffee maker:

Follow manufacturer’s directions for selecting grind of coffee, brewing coffee, and holding at serving temperature.


Tea [2]

For only a few servings, make tea in a teapot:

• Measure tea into teapot, using 1 teaspoon loose tea or 1 tea bag for each cup of tea needed. Pour boiling water over tea and let steep 3 to 5 mins, to develop full flavor. Strain tea leaves or remove tea bags. To use instant tea, follow directions on jar.
For 50 portions of tea, prepare a concentrate:
Place 16 family-size tea bags or ¼ lb. loose tea in a large container. Pour 2 ½ qt. boiling water over tea; steep 5 mins. Remove tea bags or strain tea leaves. Using 1 part concentrate to 3 parts boiling water, mix and serve as needed.

About Pat Tate [3]

Always a very busy person Pat has been interested in cooking and collecting recipes. In an effort to sort out a mound of favorite recipes and to be able to pass them on to the next generation she started this site Family, Foods, and Friends. Again she invites people to join her and to share their cooking adventures.

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