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Sunpentown WC-1682 Thermoelectric 16-Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine cooler Review

We love our wine cooler. It makes it so convenient to store your wine in these convenient small refrigerators. They have special controls to keep the wine at the right temperature. Over chilling in an ordinary refrigerator can affect the wine flavor and aroma. It also makes it difficult to remove the cork.

When we bought our wine cooler our kitchen had already been finished with no place for us to add anything else. So we had to have a plan B. We had determined that in our under the stairs storage area we could install a metal wine rack to hold all our red wine. The rack that we chose was similar to this wooden pine rack. The nice feature about the one we found and this pine rack is that neither takes up a lot of depth.

After getting the rack settled in its place there was still plenty of space for a wine cooler. Luckily our cupboard was powered and we were able to plug it in. One of our criteria was that it would run quietly. Another requirement for our use was that it not be too tall as the stairs restricted the headroom in the cupboard.

We chose a freestanding Trizone cooling model. The triple cooling zones allow for various wines to be stored at their optimum temperature. The lighter the wine the cooler it should be stored. Full-bodied wines are enhanced when only slightly chilled while sparkling wines will taste more crisp and fresh if chilled to a greater degree.

Wines contrary to myth do not like to be handled too much and turning of the bottles should be avoided. By storing the wine in the cooler under the stairs there was less chance of it being disturbed.

The doors on wine coolers are tinted to prevent light from affecting the wine. It is not necessary to store the bottles in darkness but away from direct sunlight is desirable.
166 Bottle Wine Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Framed Door
Wine coolers are available as freestanding or under the counter models. The freestanding models can be tall and slim or squat. They come small enough to sit in a counter top – perfect for small spaces like a condo.

We purchased one with large capacity however they are available anywhere from a four-bottle model up to a one hundred sixty six-bottle models. They range in price from a low of $72.00 up to a high of $1200.00. The savings when buying online varies from model to model but can run in the range of 26% to 79% and some wine coolers may ship free.

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