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Pâté en Gelee

Pâté en Gelee

Pâté en Gelee Recipe

Pâté en Gelee has come to my attention as my iron levels have dropped and I am looking for food high in iron to help raise them. As a result I have been exploring a number of pâté recipes. This is quick to put together. Now a days you can buy a selection of pâté at the grocery store however it is always fun to make it yourself.

Ingredients for Pâté en Gelee

Method fro Pâté en Gelee

Dissolve gelatin in water. Add gelatin to consommé and sherry that have been heated together. Pour small amount gelatin mixture into bottom of 11/2-quart mold. *When almost set arrange olives on bottom.
*Optional I don’t like olives so I skip this step.
Mix together pâté, ham, and cream cheese. Add Worcestershire sauce to taste.
Pour remaining gelatin mixture into mold. Let it set. Put pâté mixture on top.
Refrigerate. When ready to serve unmold and serve with crackers.

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