The Neoprene Lunch Box

The Neoprene Lunch Box

The Neoprene Lunch Box that Converts to a Placemat

The Neoprene Lunch Box

FlatBox LARGE Size,- Revolutionary lunchbox for school, office, and travel

Guest Post

I was at the park with family and friends when I noticed a lady with an amazing lunchbox. I was so intrigued that I had to find out about the lunchbox. The lunchbox actually turns into a placemat to offer a clean, safe place to enjoy your lunch. The lady showed me how the lunchbox worked, which was amazing. It just unzips, and then a placemat occurs. I asked the lady where she purchased the lunchbox and she said Amazon, and I knew I had to buy one.
The Neoprene Lunch BoxThat night I went on Amazon and found the exact lunchbox that I saw at the park. The lunchbox is the FlatBox Large Size, The Neoprene Lunch Box that Converts to a Placemat. It comes in eight colors so I ordered four different colors. The FlatBox holds everything you want to put in your lunch, and then when you are ready you just unzip it. This would be the perfect lunchbox for fishing, camping, school, work, and anywhere.

Benefits of the Neoprene Lunch Box

  • Machine Washable
    Lunch bag then Placemat
    Lead Free
    Heat Resistant
    And much more…

Cons of the Neoprene Lunch Box

  • Not Very Large

What are others saying about the FlatBox Neoprene Lunch Box?

The Neoprene Lunch BoxThe The Neoprene Lunch Box has an almost perfect 4.5 out of 5 stars at The happy owners of it have this to say:

“my 10 year old LOVES this and the built-in placemat factor helps her eat lunch ‘cleanly’ on school lunch tables.
Innovative design!!”
“LOVE this lunch box! Easy to keep clean, easy to fit a lot into, including odd shaped containers. My child loves it, too.”
“Used this lunchbox for the first time at work today. I’m glad I chose the large one as everything I needed did fit (small water bottle, ice pack, soup container, two slices of bread in a reusable pocket and a peach. Very happy with the concept and the zippers. The only thing I didn’t like was the smell: I’m washing it tonight and I hope it goes away.”
“Very cool. We ordered a couple of these for my kids this school year and didn’t know what to expect. I thought they might be too small when they arrived, but they actually are the perfect size and fit more than I expected at first glance.
The kids love them since they are pretty original. They like to open just one side to create a tent like thing and still have a small place-mat.
We have washed them and they hold up fine.
Good products.”

More Reviews of the Neoprene Lunch Box

The Neoprene Lunch Box The FlatBox Neoprene Lunch Box that converts to a Placemat is a big hit on Amazon. One hundred and thirty four people have purchased it, and 119 people gave the FlatBox a positive review. The positive reviews mention that the lunch bag and placement is the perfect idea. It is perfect for anyone. The FlatBox has plenty of space, and easily converts. There were fifteen negative reviews left for the FlatBox, and these customers had one main complaint, which was they didn’t feel like the lunch bag was large enough.
I can’t tell you how happy I am with my FlatBox Neoprene Lunch Box that Converts to a Placement purchase. I absolutely love it! When I go to the beach I use it so we have a place to eat without sand. My husband uses it when he goes fishing, so he can have his lunch on a clean and sanitized area. One of the best things about the FlatBox is it is machine washable. You can easily wash it over and over.

Final Thoughts About The Neoprene Lunch Box

The Neoprene Lunch BoxThe FlatBox Large Size, The Neoprene Lunch Box that Converts to a Placematis one of the best lunch bags ever designed. It has many places that you can use it at, which include the beach, fishing, camping, school, office, and anywhere. The FlatBox Neoprene Lunch Box that Converts to a Placement is so affordable that you can purchase more than one. The company backs the The Neoprene Lunch Box with a customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t meet your standards you can get a full refund. Not many companies do this, so what do you have to lose?
Think about the last time you went to the park to have a picnic with your family. Was the picnic table dirty? You won’t have to worry about that problem again when you have the The Neoprene Lunch Box that Converts to a Placemat.

Where to Purchase The Neoprene Lunch Box

The Neoprene Lunch Box is available in eight colors at a 29% discount at These lunch boxes are so convenient and affordable it makes sense to own several of them. They also make great gifts.

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