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Grapefruit Spritzers

Grapefruit Spritzers [1]

Recipe for Grapefruit Spritzers

Have a pitcher of these refreshing grapefruit spritzers ready to give your guests an “eye-opening” welcome. If you want a non-alcoholic beverage you can substitute a bottle of ginger ale. Many recipes for grapefruit spritzers combine the grapefruit with oranges and use a juice that is combined with oranges such as tangerines.

The citrus in this drink has a promise that winter is over and we can celebrate the beginning of spring. Grapefruit spritzers make a nice light drink before your Easter feast.

INGREDIENTS for Grapefruit Spritzes

METHOD for Grapefruit Spritzers

In large pitcher, combine grapefruit juice and rosé. Just before serving, slowly add soda water, stirring gently to combine. Pour over ice cubes in chilled wine glasses and garnish with twists of grapefruit rind, if using. Makes 12 cups (3 L), enough for 8 to 10 servings.

Grapefruit Spritzers [2]

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