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Graduation Punch

Graduation Punch [1]

Recipe for Graduation Punch

This recipe for Graduation Punch is from the Winners, More Recipes From The Best of Bridge. [2] We have used it over and over again, not only for a graduation celebration but for Christmas parties, pre-wedding dinners, and summer entertaining. I like to make an ice block by putting some orange juice mixed with cranberry juice in a small bowl. I freeze this then put it in the bottom of the punch bowl. It keeps the punch cold, melts slowly and does not dilute the punch. Most often we serve this punch without the vodka as many people are looking for non-alcoholic drinks.

INGREDIENTS for Graduation Punch

*Optional: 2-26 oz. bottles Vodka 2-710mL

METHOD for Graduation Punch

Mix all together, adding dinger ale last, in a large punch bowl. Float orange slices and strawberries on top for a festive touch. Serves 30.

* If they don’t graduate you can add the vodka.

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