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Is Resmed the Best C-PAP for Me

Resmed AutoSet Machine

Resmed AutoSet Machine [1]
My partner has been insisting for years that I have terrible sleep apnea, that I snore horribly and wake up often each night, gasping for air. Not only do we have to sleep separately, but I feel tired all the time, even when I wake up in the morning. I’ve finally admitted that it’s true – I do have sleep problems — and now I’m doing something about it. I’ve begun researching CPAP machines, and the ResMed AutoSet Machine (by American CPAP Direct) [1] is getting a lot of good marks.

Before I started looking online, first I asked my friends about their experience. Everyone I spoke to has said that the machine changed their life for the better: even people with very old machines say they would never want to do without one. I was cautioned to be sure to get one with a good humidifier, so that the air wouldn’t dry out my throat and nose, but otherwise most people seemed content with almost any model.

After hearing and reading about a number of people’s experiences, I’ve decided to make my choice based on these criteria: noise level, price, humidity, and comfort.

Resmed AutoSet Machine Not So Noisy

Most machines say they run at between 20-30 decibels, with the more expensive ones being the quieter ones. I was worried about sleeping next to a 30-decibel machine until I found out that the average dial tone on a phone is 80 db, and 30 is the same as a whisper, from 6 feet away. I think I’ll be okay with 30 dbs, so the next criteria for me is price.

Resmed AutoSet Machine Pretty Pricey

A little online research has shown me that prices range between about $150 and $5,000, with the average price probably being somewhere between $500-$900.I’ve started looking closely at one on the high side of average, which retails for about $800-$1100 on Amazon.com (at time of writing, it’s on sale for about $899).

The ResMed AutoSet Machine (by American CPAP Direct) [1] is attractive because it’s small and sleek, not much bigger than an old clock-radio. Also, it’s designed to change air pressure so that the user never gets more pressure than is needed – I find this reassuring, knowing that if I’m sleeping well without the machine, it will do nothing. But it monitors my breathing – in fact, it monitors every single breath, unlike some other machines — and if I need more air/oxygen for better sleep, it provides it. The manufacturer’s website says, “Our AutoSet devices provide treatment as good as or better than CPAP therapy, and they provide this treatment at pressures averaging 37% lower than standard CPAP.”

The price includes the Auto PAP, a heated humidifier, six feet of tubing, the power supply and cord, a carrying bag, sd card, and an air filter. Also, Amazon.com carries a huge supply of accessories – masks, sterilizers, tubing, pillows, all kinds of gear to go with the CPAP machines, and to make them more comfortable.

Resmed AutoSet Machine Humidity & Comfort

The “AutoSet” feature is supposed to improve the experience because it reduces the unpleasant, occasional side effects caused pressure, such as dried-out nasal passages, sore throat, and similar sinus problems.
The humidifier is heated, so the air comes in at a good temperature – that’s important where I live, when we use AC most of the year. The humidity, temperature, quietness, and automatic functions add up to a great bargain – I think $899 is not too much to pay for great sleep.

The only downside I can see to this machine is that no-one has reviewed it yet on Amazon.com, or even on the company’s website. Other reviews I’ve seen of other ResMed products are very promising, though, so I’m inclined to think that this ResMed AutoSet Machine (by American CPAP Direct) [1] might be just what I need. It’s available with free shipping from Amazon.com [1]

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