T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker

Review of the T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker

T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker

Can’t Fail with T-Fal

I’m a little intimidated by pressure cookers. I’ve never owned one nor known anyone who had one, but since childhood I’ve had the idea that they involve lots of chemistry-set-like seals, valves, and gaskets, all designed to contain the enormous pressure pulsing inside a metal cooking chamber, which is built like a bomb-proof safe. Also, I heard at an impressionable age that they could blow up. I had visions of home-made, organic applesauce spattering the walls and ceiling.
But the T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker looks safe, sleek, and serviceable. I want one.

Pressure Cooking for Better Nutrition

The health benefits of steam cooking appeal to me. According to the T-Fal product information about the T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker, pressure cooking retains more vitamin content in the food than any other method: “Compared to food cooked in a pot on the stovetop or prepared in an oven, food cooked in the pressure cooker has twice as much vitamin C preserved; carbohydrates are broken down more gradually; meats are cooked faster to retain more vitamin B6; and fish has 25% more omega 3 content retained.”

So pressure-cooking is like regular steaming, in that the nutrients in the cooking water are preserved, but it’s more efficient. Because of the heavy duty seals, no steam escapes. I like it that I can use leftover cooking water for soups or sauces, too.

T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker – Pressure Cooking for Convenience

Pressure-cooking really is convenient these days. It’s much quicker than cooking on a stovetop or, obviously, in a slow cooker. The T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker has cooking programs I can set and leave, with no worry about turning off the oven or overcooking the casserole. There are programs for veggies, fish, grains, and meat, and each program is designed to cook food to optimum doneness without overcooking.

Also, my visions of a big metal drum are way outdated. The T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker is about 16″ x 13″ by 10″, and weighs only 6 pounds. It holds 8 liters (about 8 and ½ quarts) in its 10″ diameter body, which is about 6-7 servings of, say, soup. That’s one of the larger of the standard family-sized cookers. This model takes up less counter space than a microwave, and it’s far easier to put away.

T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker – No explosions, guaranteed

The T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker comes with a 10-year warranty on the metal structure and 1-year warrantee on everything else. I can put all of it except the timer in the dishwasher, so I’m feeling pretty sure I won’t burn down the kitchen as I prepare for a dinner party.

I could pay more for a pressure cooker, but I don’t see any reason to. I could also pay a bit less for a lighter one, but the inexpensive ones tend to be made of aluminum and I prefer to avoid that for cooking. At the price I found on Amazon, I think the T-Fal NutriCook Pressure Cooker is right for my kitchen. If it’s right for yours, too, you’ll probably get the best price at Amazon.com
With a 13+ pound shipping weight on that item, the free shipping comes in handy, too. Now, how about finding a good recipe for organic applesauce?

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